Proposal for a temporary restaurant concept in the occasion of Biennale Interieur with Altatto, Kortijk (BE) 2015.

A break moment in a fair. A flexible and permeable space which you can enter from anywhere. It only hints at what’s happening inside, but it never reveals itself but once entered.A fine-grained curtain marks the circular perimeter and acts as a filter. With the gesture of a hand, moving the thin threshold, you can proceed into a white bright space. Few elements are standing out: stale bread, some textured tables, a metal cylinder. This play of textures and grains refers to the rural world, which tells about a culture where redbrick ovens were shared within the community and bread was certain on any table. The menu is tasted on specifically designed surfaces: they are made of a mixture of concrete, aggregates and red bricks; depending on the finishing obtained from the bricks, the surfaces are colored in shades of red and white with different results. The heart: a cylinder made out of perforated plate delimits the kitchen and, due to its texture, allows us to glimpse what is happening inside
ultra:fine tells and pass on this tradition, not only with its spatial composition, but also through the food that is proposed within.

Competition commissioned by Biennale Interieur
Design team: From outer Space, Altatto