Spatial installation with Parasite 2.0 and Ciclostile Architettura at Ex Officine Ansaldo for CEFA ONLUS, Milano 2015. 

A former industrial space. High ceilings, a string of pillars, raw concrete as flooring. A festival as an opportunity for renaissance, to elaborate a series of optimistic visions for the future characterized by a scarcity of resources. The tight sequence of architectural elements giving rhythm to the space is interrupted by a different sign. The wooden skeleton of a wall arises in a slanted way to the room, breaking off its obsessive and short pitch. A line in space defines an area and at the same time lets you see what is happening inside. An additional element that, with a set of fluorescent lights, indicates the entrance to a room whose sides have to be imagined.


Commissioned by CEFA ONLUS
Curated by Parasite 2.0
Design team: Parasite 2.0, From outer Space
Photography by Alice Pedroletti