Prosecco & Pop Corn. 

Set design for a temporary cinema, curated by Fabrizio Bellomo and Chiara Buzzi, at Galleria Giovanni Bonelli contemporary art gallery, Milano 2013.

Bright needs to be transformed into dark. A gallery for contemporary art, a former rectangular garage, must be divided in two areas with different purpose: an entrance to welcome and a cinema for projecting art movies. Each area will need different treatments. A cut in the middle of the room. Just one action. The space is divided in two areas by large curtains, made of a material used for construction purposes, which welcome visitors at the entrance as a magic wall. This allows to create a bright entrance area thanks to the reflective wall panels, hiding another room, more intimate and dark, used for video projections. The seats for the spectators are recovered from an old cinema, with the addition of wooden supports to ensure stability. The wooden boxes used to transport works of art have been reused to create alternative areas.


Commissioned by Galleria Giovanni Bonelli
Curated by Fabrizio Bellomo and Chiara Buzzi
Photography by Alessandro Sambini