Mestieri Domani. 

Exhibition design project for the exhibition curated by Associazione Irpinia Mia at Palazzo Ettore Scola, Trevico (AV) 2015.

Trevico is the oldest and highest town of Baronia, the north area of Campania. There are still crafts of which the younger generation doesn’t even know the name. Each craftsman has its own instrument, and that object has more value and knowledge than we think. Who in the future will take their place? Can we consider the designer as new craftsman? Traditional objects are so compared with contemporary designers projects. The starting techniques are the same: sometimes the shape is developed, mechanization is added, new materials are tested or mixed with old ones. Objects in the exhibition aim to offer a parallel between folklore and reinterpretation of design; they are grouped by analogy of material or intended use, in a timeless narration without distinction between tradition and innovation. The display consists of concrete blocks, in different combinations to form podiums. Behind these a set of tools to create a visual wall. A new landscape where old and new techniques are compared.


Commissioned by Associazione Irpinia Mia
Curated by Mariangela Cioria
Realized with the precious help of Federico Archidiacono, Monica Giovanniello and Walter Giovanniello