Falstad Tidevannspark. 

Winning proposal for a World War II memorial with Fabrizio Bellomo, Birgitte Fjørtoft, and Irene Arescaldino, as part of REcall Project competition promoted by Politecnico di Milano with AAU-Aalborg University, NTNU-Norwegian University of Science and Technology, UNEW-Newcastle University. Norway, 2014.

A terrible story of a sunken boat in the fjord during the World War II, which has never been found. No tangible traces of this story, just some oral testimony and the memory of a community. A series of micro architectures arranged along the bay interacts with the tide. The material used for their construction comes from the recovery of old abandoned boats. These devices operate with low tide ensuring the exploration of the bay. They can also work with the high tide: in this case they disappear in the water, leaving out only a trace of themselves.


Commissioned by ReCall consortium, Falstadcenteret
Research project founded by Programma CE Cultura 2007-13 (n. 2012 – 0927 / 001 – 001 CU7 COOP7)
Curated by Gennaro Postiglione
Design team: Fabrizio Bellomo, Birgitte Fjørtoft, Piergiorgio Italiano
Collaborators: Anna Paola Buonanno, Irene Arescaldino
Exhibited at Felleshus – Nordische Botschaften (Berlin), Falstadsenteret (Ekne, Norway), M4gastatelier (Amsterdam)