Design after design after design. 

Spatial identity proposal for SIGNS Italian Contemporary graphic design, curated by Francesco Dondina at BASE, Milano 2016.

A snapshot of contemporary graphic design told through the work of twenty-four authors and a series of collateral events. A space, filled by superfoetations and traces of the past. Traces (the existing space) and addition (the display). An imaginary grid is spread along the large room, generating two aisles, with areas of equal size assigned to each author. A precise arrangement that equates the different authors.A scenario where everyone is free to move and create a personal path. A paneling becomes the edge of the area intended for the exhibition: a “room within the room” identifies and isolates the area, enabling a direct connection with the spaces that host the events. The surface is recovered from previous exhibitions panels. The pre-existing signs on these panels remain visible.
Graphic and works on show, loosely arranged on the panels, overlap the traces of past exhibitions. A series of horizontal surfaces punctuate the space. The size of each table is based on the ISO 216 international standard paper sizes, to help arranging and combinating different drawings.
Commissioned by BASE Milano
Curated by Francesco Dondina