Darker Mirrored Fading. 

Exhibition design proposal for the Beyond Enviroment exhibition at LACE, Los Angeles (USA) 2014.

Three additional environments. Three rooms. A large box is imposed from above, eliminating any relationship with the gallery. A single act cuts the space in two parts (before and after). From the entrance you see a wall. Heavy, impenetrable. Then you have to get into one of three doors. Make a choice. Each door leads you to a world. Each world tells a story. The first space, dark and muffled, leads to introspection, intimacy and contemplative listening. The second space is a metallic environment that plays with views and reflections, disorientation and confusion. The third is a permeable, transient space, allowing interaction. Then you slowly back to normality. The rooms are different, but in a continuous relationship. The new landscape is ambiguous: between one world and the other, dead spaces, visual links visual links with the outside world, images overlays are created. There is no absolute truth, but only overlapping views.


Competition commissioned by LACE, Los Angeles (USA)