Visions for the reactivation of the town of Auletta with Irene Arescaldino, Matteo Artemisi, Federica Vita. Within Co/Auletta competition, promoted by RENA and Regione Campania, 2012

Auletta is a town of Salerno where you can still find the signs of the 1980’s earthquake that struck Campania and Basilicata. The project aims not to provide a solution to the problem, but to give people the opportunity to develop their own future. Auletta should become a model for an economical, social and ecological sustainability. A new regenerated community, exposed to the outside; a community that acts from below, in which every citizen can submit a proposal, share it and promote it in the network. We’ll need to provide a mapping of the territory and its return through digital devices of augmented reality. This will allow the construction of a knowledge layer. Through this online information a platform will be launched, to build a new network of relationships resulting from the superposition of five layers: skills / hospitality / common good / goods / ideas. The new community will grow, therefore, on this network. Parco a Ruderi will be the new agora, the real heart of the future of Auletta; the meeting point between the community and its territory. Built architecture is not always the answer.


Commissioned by RENA, Regione Campania
Design team: Irene Arescaldino, Matteo Artemisi, Anna Paola Buonanno, Piergiorgio Italiano, Federica Vita
Prize: Honorable Mention