An office. 

Interior and furniture design for Section 80, a young advertising production agency, Milano 2015. 

A new spatial identity: solid and precise, yet smart. A fixed team and a series of figures which, according to the current project, are added. The need to show themselves. A large backstage work. Two big elements resolve the space.

1. Public VS Private
A wall splits the open space. The back, intimate and confused, is an archive of past works, equipments, services. The front, elegant and tidy, is a black screen that hides, and a backdrop to everyday activities.
2. Breathe in. Breathe out
In the middle of the room a large square table. The only area for activities. It can be filled or empty, based on the needs. At the center of the surface of a large circular hole allows an alternative use: to reach and use the inner side you have to climb over or go under the table.
Commissioned by Section 80